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Every day we are working to help meet the needs of the patient communities we have the immense pleasure of partnering with and learning from. We have the important responsibility of elevating and embedding the patient voice and experience company-wide to ensure we are doing what is right every step of the way.”

As a nurse, you are taught the value of ‘patients as teachers.’ Their insights and experiences are so valuable, especially in rare disease. I’m passionate about patient advocacy and the vital role it plays in our mission at BioCryst.

My job revolves around engaging with the most extraordinary people whose extraordinariness extends well beyond their or their community’s diagnoses and manifests every day in their advocacy work. Although my own rare diagnosis initially made me feel like I won the world’s worst lottery, at BioCryst, I am incredibly fortunate that my own experience led me to this career where I connect with and learn from fellow zebras daily.”

Our guiding principles

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WE LISTEN to and integrate patient communities’ needs and insights, to ensure they are at the core of all we do

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WE CULTIVATE enduring partnerships and collaborations through trust and transparency while valuing the autonomy of the patient organizations

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WE PROVIDE support to patient organizations to advance shared goals, improve patient outcomes, increase disease awareness, and cultivate patient-focused policies

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WE VALUE patient communities and organizations while adhering to all rules governing patient privacy and compliant collaborations

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WE ADVOCATE for access to resources and all approved treatment options

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WE UNDERSTAND that partnering with or providing financial support to patient communities is not contingent on a promotion or endorsement of a specific medicine or treatment

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Grants and sponsorships:
Collaborating with the communities we serve

We build genuine, enduring relationships based on trust and transparency with members of the rare disease community—including those who belong to the hereditary angioedema and complement-mediated disease communities—and all who support them. Through collaboration and listening, we meet patient communities where they are and foster empowerment through educational awareness and support initiatives. We offer a range of opportunities to provide financial support to these communities, from educational grants and sponsorships to charitable donations.
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Your right to

Clinical research is critical for the development of medicines for rare disease. Just as we at BioCryst recognize the importance of sharing clinical trial data to advance our research, we also hold patient privacy to the highest standards. Find out more.
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We are fortunate to work with some
extraordinary patient advocacy organizations

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