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Company Overview

Company Overview

BioCryst designs, optimizes and develops novel small-molecule drugs that block key enzymes involved in infectious and inflammatory diseases.

BioCryst uses state-of-the-art structure-guided drug design, which incorporates multiple scientific disciplines including biology, crystallography, medicinal chemistry and computer modeling, in order to most efficiently develop new therapeutic candidates. In December 2014, RAPIVAB® was approved by the FDA, the first U.S. approval for a BioCryst discovered drug.

BioCryst's current pipeline consists of the following development programs:

  • Oral inhibitors of plasma kallikrein for hereditary angioedema; BCX7353 and other 2nd generation candidates
  • BCX4430 a broad spectrum antiviral for development as a medical countermeasure against hemorrhagic fevers

BioCryst’s Approach to Building its Product Pipeline

BioCryst designs drug candidates using detailed knowledge of the structures of active sites of targeted enzymes. The active site of an enzyme is the area into which a chemical or biological molecule fits to initiate a biochemical reaction. Enzymes make ideal drug targets as they mediate biochemical processes along disease pathways, are relatively easy to crystallize, and have small active sites. BioCryst aims to license or design compounds that will fit in the active sites of enzymes and thereby interfere with the progression of disease. Using this approach, the Company has successfully both licensed and designed product candidates for infectious and inflammatory diseases.

Corporate & Academic Partnerships

The Company uses strategic partnerships early in the drug identification process through in-licensing of drug targets.

For more information regarding corporate and academic partnerships visit our Partners & Business Development page.